Best Baby Bath Tub Review


Benefits of Baby Bath Tubs

Babies have never had bath time so good as today! Moms can choose from baby bathtubs that are not only designed for safety, but with delightful colors and textures that can turn bath time for both baby and mom into some of the most enjoyable times of the day! 

With a properly designed baby bathtub, there will be no more trying to hold baby’s head up with one hand and doing the bathing, reaching for the soaps and juggling washcloths, etc. with the other hand. This is really the safest, most comfortable, and stress-free way possible and provides the most enjoyable bath-time fun imaginable. Baby feels safe, and moms and dads can relax and enjoy these special times like never before.  

Lots of Designs and Unique Products to Choose From

Some of the top children’s toy manufacturers have taken bath time very seriously for enjoyment but also the safety and comfort of both baby and moms and dads.  

In today’s marketplace, products range from those products designed for newborns to toddlers and the choices are amazing for colors, sizes, and can be selected for use at whatever height works best for adults.  

Look for products constructed out of BPA-free, lead-free and phthalate-free materials, that are mildew resistant and easy to clean, dry and store when not in use. Some tubs are made to fit in the kitchen sink, and some are ‘stand-alone" designs that can be used either on their own or tucked into a regular sized bathtub. The in-sink models are usually constructed from ultra-soft foam, easy to maneuver and store, and quick drying. Look for stand-alone tubs with a textured bottom to ensure a non-slip contact. 

Babies and moms will love the colors that are available, from delightful blues and pinks to soft yellows, greens, and violet, all the colors of the rainbow are within reach. Tubs can come shaped like everything from dolphins to ducks, there is such a wide variety to choose from so let your imagination go wild while searching for the perfect tub for your precious little one.  

Some baby bathtubs even have a temperature patch built-in that will indicate when the water temperature is just right, and this will make bath time all the more easy for mom and dad. It can be just about as much fun purchasing your baby’s bathtub, as it will be using it to make bath time one of the most enjoyable times of the day. 

Summer Infant Comfort Height Bath Tub

The summer infant bathing tub may seem like just another product to some. But for you, it holds the most precious human on the entire earth. Winter or summer, rain or shine, dark or light--you expect this tub to apply the same standard of care to this precious cargo than if you were protecting your infant yourself. 

Let’s start with the positives. Space is generous. Neither you nor your partner should worry if you should happen to have a bad back. There is no need to worry that any pain should occur in reaching for your precious child. Along with the generous size of this bathtub is its height. It is easy both to reach and to play with your infant. You might even say that this tub grows along with your baby. It never feels cramped, and it never feels too small, until it is clear to even the most unobservant observer that it’s time to graduate to the larger tubs. 

Now we’ll move on to a few negative aspects of this baby-bathing tub. The fact that the tub is easy to use comes with a price. It’s big to store. So if you’re looking for a compact little bathing tub this may not be the one for you. If your baby is on the small size, you should watch them first because it may have a little bit too much movement for you to be comfortable with. Although this is a problem that will naturally be solved in time, it’s worth a check at the beginning. 

Amazon Rating

1 Summer Infant Comfort


  • Large size suitable for older children.
  • Bright colors.
  • Extra-sturdy platform.


  • Draining water is messy.
  • The white portion of the tab does not have non-slip grips.
2 Summer Infant Comfort

Everyone has certain memories from their childhood that stick with them forever. It might be a trip to the mountains. It might be a visit to an amusement park. Or with this amazing baby bath, your child may never have to look further for his or her best lifetime memories than your own backyard.

Blooming Bath Lotus Baby Bath

The Blooming Bath Lotus Baby Bath is here!

Moms are thrilled to finally have a product that makes bath time one of the happy highlights of the day for infants aged 0-6 months. Moms are ecstatic about this lovely, safe, comfortable product that can help make the first six months of precious baby’s life absolutely safe, comforting, and stress-free. 

It’s Delightfully Pretty and Oh So Comfortable

The overall design of this popsicle-colored flower-petal shaped baby bath mat has no hard edges to worry about, and it is so comfortable that your little one will giggle all the way through bath time. Some babies get so comfortable they just have a little nap. The infant’s head is safely held up, which makes moms breathe a huge sigh of relief. No more worry about scraping baby’s gentle skin on hard plastic, no soapy slippy moments, and baby will feel safe and comfortable while mom can also enjoy a stress-free baby bath experience. These are the moments to treasure, as any mom will report. 

High-quality Materials

It is made from high-quality ultra-soft yet durable foam from BPA-free materials that are latex-free, lead-free, and phthalate-free. You can be sure that this baby bathtub is safe for your child.

The luxurious mat rests securely under the baby’s little body partly from the non-slip texture and partly from the weight of the water that the mat is capable of absorbing. It makes an absolutely slip-proof, soft, and cuddly environment for baby to lounge in during bath time. The mat comes in a wide selection of colors, from soft bright white to hot pink, blue, turquoise, green, canary yellow, and more! 

Amazon Rating



  • Babies love it, feel safe and protected, no reason to be afraid of bath time, in fact, babies look forward to bath time using the floral mat. 
  • Easy to use, no straps or uncomfortable edges, and mildew-resistant.
  • Helps moms to reduce stress.
  • Many colors are available, white, pink, yellow, turquoise, blue, green, grey, etc.
  • Pediatricians recommend such bath mats as they mimic the feeling of comfort in the womb. 
  • Making bath time "happy time" is a wonderful way to introduce baby to the wonders, textures, and colors of life in a safe and pleasing way, including soap and water.


  • You will need to have a sink or small tub for the lotus to nest around the baby. It won’t work with an adult-sized tub.
  • This is a rather bulky item and is very heavy when wet. So best to have some sort of a storage cabinet or rack to hang and dry between uses.
  • The lotus-shaped baby bath mat is only recommended for babies up to six months of age. 

The Final Say

Bathing your baby can be a total joy, but only with the right tub. Regular bathtubs are too large and inconvenient for washing a little one, but baby bathtubs are designed for ease-of-use and safety: two aspects which all new parents should appreciate.

In today’s market, you can usually find excellent baby bathtubs that are made with safe materials and lots of innovative design features, like non-slip contact surfaces and plenty of happy colors. You can also find baby bathtubs that are shaped in a variety of different orientations. Plenty of these happen to be animals so they can trigger the imagination of your baby as they grow and absorb the world around them.

The Summer Infant Comfort Height Bath Tub has plenty of space for even the largest of little ones. It’ll still be usable in the months and years to come after purchasing, and it’s built with sturdy materials to survive daily use and never gain sharp edges or harmful cracks.

The Blooming Bath Lotus Baby Bath is another fantastic option that is safe and comfortable. It’s shaped like a flower petal and has a nice support spot for your baby’s head; this can be particularly important in the earliest years of life. The soft and comfortable mat at the bottom of the tub will surely inspire your baby to look forward to bath time.

Both bathtubs are great choices for new or experienced parents. Having either one will allow you to focus on the experience and joy of bathing your child instead of worrying about the safety or comfort of the tub itself.

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