A Buying Guide For Finding The Best Nursing Bras

A Buying Guide For Finding The Best Nursing Bras

One of the most rewarding things about having a baby is the bonding and closeness you get to enjoy with nursing. Although it can be lovely to sit and feed your baby, anything we can do to make the process more comfortable and convenient for the mother is always welcome.

The search for the best nursing bra is something that every mother undertakes when they decide to breastfeed because of how these garments are specially made for the job. A good nursing bra has been designed to make it easier to wear, comfortable to sleep in, convenient for both mother and baby, but also stylish and attractive to give a boost of confidence.


As many babies are breastfed for up to a year, and sometimes even longer, you’ll need adequate support every single day. With a quality nursing bra and different styles to suit various occasions, the job will be made easier than ever and will let you focus on the bonding at hand rather than trying to adjust your bra and get yourself comfortable.

Finding a bra that ticks all of these boxes doesn’t always come easily, so moms need all the help they can get. That’s why we’ve created this simple buying guide to point you in the right direction of some of the best maternity bras and what features you should be looking for when you make this important purchase.

Common Mistakes When Buying a Nursing Bra

If you are a first-time mom or even a veteran mom, then you may already be aware of how challenging breastfeeding can be and how frustrating it can be for you and baby. This is why it is so important to make things as easy for you as possible by finding the best and most comfortable nursing bra.

The following are a few of the more common mistakes women make when finding the best nursing bras:

Not Getting Fitted

It is best to get fitted for a nursery bra around the time you are 8 months pregnant because this is the size your breasts will most likely be around 8 weeks post-birth. This is also around the time your body learns how to better regulate its milk supply.

If you take the time to get the nursing bra professionally fitted for your breast size, you will find that it is much more comfortable and will make you feel so much better having that much-needed support.

Doesn’t Fit Well in the Cup

Many women will purchase nursing bras that have extra room in the cups. This will not give you the best fit, however, and will offer you very little in the way of support. Good nursing bras have stretchy fabric toward the top of the cups, so you have more freedom in movement.

Expecting to Fit Into Nursing Bras Immediately

Within the first eight weeks after giving birth, you want to refrain from trying to fit into your nursing bras comfortably. There are going to be many fluctuations as your body learns how to regulate its milk supply.

During this time, you should consider wearing a seamless bra that will allow you some freedom as your body continues to change. It will still offer what you need in comfort and support. Cupped bras may restrict the breasts and compress them, which can ultimately affect your milk supply.

Not Considering Your Wardrobe

Finally, you want to also consider your other wardrobe as you choose the best nursing bras as well. With so many nursing bra choices available on the market today, you are sure to be able to find one that fits in nicely with your other wardrobe and supports you and your lifestyle.

Not Considering Your Needs

You will quickly find that your time postpartum will not always be spent in the same way. For example, in the earlier months, you will probably be lounging around a lot more so for this, you will want to have a stretchy and comfortable material with flexible sizing.

A few months in, you will probably want to leave the house a bit more, and for this, you will want something that offers you more in the way of structure and support as well as something that will look good underneath your clothing. Contoured cups, strap support, and better styling will all come into play.

How Can You Measure Yourself for a Nursing Bra?

If you don't have the time or energy to get fitted for a nursing bra professionally, then you can do it at home. Use a soft tape measure or ribbon and measure directly under your breasts. You will want to hold the tape measure snugly against the body, but not too tightly; this is how you can determine what your band size is.

You can then take another measurement around the fuller part of your breasts to help you determine the proper cup size. When measuring, you can round up to the nearest even number to make sizing easier.

If you find that you are slipping out of the bottom of the band, it rides up in the back, the cups begin to wrinkle, or the shoulder straps slip off your shoulders, then the nursing bra is most likely too big for you and you need a smaller size.

If it is too small, you may experience your breasts poking out of the sides of the bra, it pokes you in very uncomfortable ways, and the center doesn't lie flat. In this case, you need to size up.

Our Recommendations

Finding the best breastfeeding bras can be as simple as asking other mothers for their recommendations, and that’s exactly how we’ve compiled this list. By looking at countless other reviews for the best bras in all price ranges and styles, you’ll be better equipped to choose one with a good reputation that’s known for its comfort and convenience.

Winner: Hofish 3 Pack Nursing Bras

As you learn the ropes of new motherhood and nursing, you want everything else around you to be as comfortable and supportive as possible.

Hofish had these needs in mind when they made their seamless nursing bras, and with three in each set, you’ll have more than enough to get you through a few days of breastfeeding.

The Hofish Nursing Bra is incredibly soft due to the special mixture of polyester and spandex used to create them.

By their own words, they promise that these bras are ‘buttery soft’ and their customers agree, so you won’t get any irritating materials or hard underwires sticking through when you wear them.

Hofish 3 Pack Nursing Bras

For these reasons, this is often rated the best nursing sleep bra for getting you through the night in comfort. These bras come in a few different options for colors, like blacks and greys, nudes and whites, and even purples.

You choose the size you need from small to extra-large, and if it’s still not big enough they’ve included special extender straps to help it fit comfortably. Even in the earlier days when your breasts feel fuller than usual, you’ll never have to wear another bra.

One major issue that users had was with the padding that came as part of the bra. There is the option to remove it, but if you decide to leave it in it moves around and shifts, making the whole thing very uncomfortable. If a padded nursing bra is essential for you, these simply won’t make the grade.

Aside from this design flaw, the rest of the bra seems well made. The style of the Hofish nursing bra is a V-neck so you can wear it comfortably with most outfits. To open the panel, there’s an eye and hook clip which can be easily opened with one hand and closed as needed.

Because it’s seam-free, you can wear it under anything without any obvious lines, and the straps can be adjusted to suit the style you’re wearing.

The 3 Pack of Hofish Nursing Bras are incredibly budget-friendly, and for all three, you’ll pay what a standard premium nursing bra would cost. If you’re after the most comfortable nursing bra and want a great deal when buying in bulk, these are extremely versatile and come with all of the right features to make mom and baby happy.


Runner-Up: iLoveSIA 3 Pack Nursing Bras

When comfort and softness is your main priority, you’ll love everything about the iLoveSIA 3 Pack of Nursing Bras.

These full-coverage bras have no underwire and are made of a soft mixture of spandex and polyester, so they’re ideal for lounging around the house or even sleeping in.

These are a full bust nursing bra which means there’s no v-neck or cut out design.

They’re better suited for wearing at night or when you have on clothes that will cover the area, so if you’re after something for singlets or lower cut tops, these won’t be suitable.

iLoveSIA 3 Pack Nursing Bras

The iLoveSIA bra set features a four-row and four column eye hook closure on the back which gives you a feeling of added support. Compared to the crop top style of other bras this helps you feel secure when you really need it and is why it’s considered the most supportive nursing bra of all that we’ve reviewed.

Just like the other three packs we’ve found, you have the option to choose from different colors, including purple, nude, and black. However, iLoveSIA has one extra size so their ranges from small to extra-extra-large, giving more women a chance to find their perfect fit.

Some customers mentioned receiving extras with their bras like a washing bag and extenders, but this shouldn’t be expected on every order. Some clarity about what’s exactly included from iLoveSIA would be good, so don’t get your hopes up that these extras will be coming with your three-pack of bras.

The padding on these is comfortable and can be removed as needed, although the size of the pads doesn’t seem to correspond with the rest of the bra. You might want to use your own nursing pads in place of these if you find them annoying and simply remove them entirely from the bra.

These bras are very soft and stretchy, so they’re a dream to sleep in. While they are definitely a supportive nursing bra there’s no underwire or firmness to them so underneath the breast they may be lacking a little. However, for the purpose of using at home, relaxing, or sleeping, the iLoveSIA 3 Pack of Nursing Bras is one of the better choices and excellent value for money.


Alternative: Bravado! Nursing Bra

Sometimes you want to splurge and get yourself the finer things in life, and one of those times when it’s completely justified is when you’re shopping for the best supportive nursing bras.

Bravado! is a premium lingerie brand that creates nursing bras for women who want absolute luxury, and if you’re able to afford the higher price tag, then it might just be worth it.

Bravado! has designed their nursing bra to be a versatile undergarment.

They’re seam-free and stylish so you can wear them anywhere you like, but they’re soft enough to enjoy at home and even sleep in.

Bravado! Nursing Bra

There are close to 15 different colors available like peach, indigo, and sea glass, so not only will you feel good you’ll get a boost of confidence from how good you look as well.

One huge bonus that this bra offers which makes the high price tag worth it is the conversion kit that’s included. This enables you to turn the bra into a regular bra when your nursing days are over. You’ll not only get a high-quality maternity bra but an everyday bra as well, so the value for money starts to look a little better.

Although this is an expensive bra, not all customers were happy. Women who were larger cup sizes found this bra to not be supportive and better suited to smaller cup sizes. Therefore, if you were spending more and hoping to get one of the best wireless nursing bras that still offered support, this won’t be the right choice.

Made with a luxurious and soft silk fabric that stretches four ways, this breastfeeding bra will be able to stay with you no matter the changes your body goes through. The Bravado! bra is a great fit for smaller cup sizes and those who don’t need a lot of secure support, so if that sounds like your ideal bra, the Bravado! Nursing Bra will suit you well.


2nd Alternative: Kindred Bravely Nursing Bra

When you have a baby, you cherish any sleep that you manage to get at night.

When you’re breastfeeding especially and need to be comfortable all through the night but also ready to get up and nurse, having a bra that can meet both of these purposes is essential.

The Kindred Bravely Nursing Bra is a sleep-friendly bra that can also be worn in the day, but its sole focus is on providing comfort.

The unique shape and style of this bra mean there’s no straps or clips to remove. You can simply pull over the cover of the breast to nurse and then place it back. Without any shoulder straps or sharp bits, it's the ideal maternity sleep bra and won’t dig in anywhere.

Kindred Bravely Nursing Bra

When you cherish comfort and rest at night, this is a welcome change from other bras. You have an option of plenty of great colors and designs in this award-winning bra, so there’s no need to keep it simple.

The sizing is amazing with options for regular and busty shapes as well. Women who have struggled to feel supported and comfortable with standard nursing bras will surely welcome these new additions to the size range.

Unlike most other maternity bras, this one is in a racerback design. While the brand probably did so to make them more comfortable, some of the reviews mentioned that this style didn’t work.

People found the shoulder straps were digging in and not positioning correctly on their back, so consider choosing another product if you’re not usually a fan of this style.

Made from rayon of bamboo and spandex, it’s pretty stretchy and soft, which is why people prefer it for the night. You could wear it during the day but would have to be careful about not showing the straps which are wide. For this reason, it’s a much better choice for sleeping and resting around the house instead.

Kindred Bravely has thought of everything with this bra to ensure it was not only convenient for nursing mothers but soft and luxurious to wear as well. If you have been looking for a great nighttime nursing bra or don’t plan on wearing it out of the house, the Kindred Bravely Nursing Bra is a great recommendation.


3rd Alternative: Kuci Nursing Tank Top

Mothers who prefer the extra coverage of a tank top will appreciate the thought that’s gone into designing the Kuci Nursing Tank Top.

This is a simple, supportive, and functional nursing tank that comes in three unique designs to suit your mood, and you can wear it virtually anywhere you like.

With a nursing tank top, you’ve got more options than ever for how to enjoy it. You wear it to bed as part of your pajamas, underneath blouses and jackets when you head out, or just as a regular tank top that doubles as a nursing bra.

The top will give full coverage when you need it but also make it easy to give your baby access to the breast when it’s time to nurse.

Kuci Nursing Tank Top

Kuci has made this tank with a blend of 95% cotton and 5% spandex so you can tell it’s going to be super soft, breathable, and stretchy. The top part is tight, but the stomach is loose and flowy, so even just after birth, you’ll feel comfortable without anything too restrictive.

One huge bonus that mothers were thrilled about was how this shirt could be used for hands-free pumping. You can attach the pumps inside the shirt and keep your hands free and belly covered, so it’s not just good for when you need to breastfeed.

On the downside, though, customers mentioned that the breast cut out in the top wasn’t that practical at night. Some found the material slipped down and sometimes in the way of baby’s mouth which made it more of a distraction than anything. During the day it was easy to avoid, but you might not want to wear it overnight if it causes any issues.

Nursing tank tops offer a whole new level of convenience than a nursing bra, and many mothers like to have both in their arsenal. The Kuci Maternity Nursing Bra is simple in its design but with a whole lot of benefits for mothers and their babies, so consider adding one to your collection if you want versatility when dressing and nursing.


The Difference Between a Regular Bra and Nursing Bra

If you’ve never breastfed before, you might be wondering if this is a purchase that’s really worthwhile before you welcome your baby. There are a few fundamental differences with nursing bras that make them better equipped for breastfeeding compared to a regular bra, and all of them will benefit you and your baby greatly.


Big Breasts

Features like softer materials, wider straps, and soft cups are just a few ways that these bras differ and make them better equipped for breastfeeding. Some are even soft enough for sleeping in and will often have no underwire for added comfort.


The key difference with a maternity bra is how they unclip to reveal the breast so that your baby can feed. Usually, with one-handed access, you can pull down the cover of the cup rather than removing the entire bra like you’d have to do with a standard one.


During pregnancy and after birth, a new mother’s breasts will naturally grow in size and may even move up one or two cup sizes from their regular one. A nursing bra uses super soft and flexible materials and other features like extender straps to facilitate this growth and make room for what’s happening.


A good nursing bra should be supportive enough to help you feel secure without being too tight. You’ll want to feel supported and comfortable wearing it like a normal bra when you’re not feeding, and there should be adequate space for nursing pads if needed.

It’s not common for a nursing bra to have underwire due to comfort levels, but there are some with underwire if that’s your preference.

Essential Features of a Nursing Bra

Shopping for a nursing bra is much like shopping for a regular bra, and it’s all about the features you’ll need to find the perfect fit. If you’re new to this type of bra or just want to be sure you’re getting the right one, these are some of the features you’ll have to take into consideration.


Maternity bras are somewhat different from standard bras and more focused on comfort rather than support. Therefore, you can expect softer materials like silk, polyester, cotton, and spandex that give a stretchy feel and are luxurious to the touch. This is for both mother and baby’s benefits, and to make them easier to wear overnight. You should also make sure that the material of the nursing bras you choose are machine washable.


Not all nursing maternity bras come with standard cup sizes like others and may just be marked as sizes small through to large. Check with the size guidelines from each manufacturer about what they recommend when compared to your everyday bra for the best option to suit your body.


Nursing bras come in many different designs, so it depends on when you need it. For nighttime and sleep, something more relaxed like a crop top or racerback is ideal. To wear during the day, you might prefer a standard design of bra with thinner straps and adjustable clasps at the back. There are also different color choices from beiges and whites to pretty patterns and designs.


Comfort is key when it comes to nursing maternity bras, so you’ll commonly find these bras a lot softer than most. They might be looser fitting, have wider straps, more adjustability, and options for extending sizes so that they always fit with ease.


Woman Wearing Nursery Bra

Nursing bras have their own ways to allow your baby access to the breast for feeding, and you might have a personal preference. There is a peek-a-boo style that can be simply pulled across, a full cover with eye and hook closure, or a small opening to allow baby to feed. Depending on your preference and where you’re feeding baby, one might be better suited to each scenario.

Making Nursing Comfortable and Convenient

Breastfeeding can be one of the biggest challenges of new motherhood, whether it’s your first baby or your third. Having the right garments is one way to remove some of these challenges so that you can put all of your focus on feeding your child and perfecting this sometimes trying task.

All nursing mothers should have at least one or two specified nursing bras in their collection, with the option to add more as you realize how beneficial they are. A good nursing bra will be comfortable and supportive, but best of it all it ensures that feeding your baby is convenient and relaxed for both of you.

These are some of the better choices out there for maternity bras with a stamp of approval from mothers of all shapes and sizes. Whether you want something just for the night or a bra to wear out during the day and still feel glamorous, it’s an investment that will be worth every penny when it comes to the happiness of you and your baby.

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