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Get Your Child Moving

Baby walkers have been around for many, many years. While some have downplayed them and do not care to use them these days, there are still many parents that do use them simply because of the wonderful benefits that they offer. Let’s take a closer look at the many benefits of baby walkers. 

When babies get to a certain age they are ready to move around and want to be independent. This is the first major benefit of a baby walker. Placing a baby in a walker that is old enough allows them to move around more freely and unassisted while aiding them in staying in an upright position. 

Baby walkers are also very engaging. From moving corner to corner or being able to play with the built-in activities that most walkers come equipped with these days, the baby is able to stay busy for a long time. 

For parents, when a baby becomes active, it can at times be overwhelming when the mother or father are trying to do things such as house chores or cooking dinner. Therefore, another benefit of a baby walker is that it gives the parents a break to do things that are hard to do when holding a baby all of the time. 

Help Your Baby Safely Learn How to Walk

Another awesome benefit is that the walkers keep the baby safe. When a baby is just learning to crawl but cannot walk the walker keeps the baby from falling and therefore the baby is safe. 

Another obvious benefit of a baby walker is that it encourages the little one to walk. By giving the baby correct posture for walking this helps to encourage them to walk at their own pace. 

With all of the new designs these days, most walkers even grow with your little one. They are adjustable for height for the new beginner to the more advanced. 

Also, another feature is the open tray that can be used for a bottle, cup, or for whatever you may choose. And, when you are done with the walker for the day or need to take it on a trip with you out of town, most walkers are made to fold for easy storage or transport. 

The bottom line is there are so many benefits of a baby walker. It is all a matter of finding the right one for your baby. 

Adjustable Height Baby Walker 

As the baby grows and grows, their walking accessories need to grow with them. Now it’s possible to purchase a single baby walker that will do just that. And, the baby will be already accustomed to their walker and will be able to enjoy it for a longer period of time without the added stress of getting used to something new too soon.

It is also advisable to make sure that you don’t introduce too large of a walker before your child can safely maneuver it. If the baby is too small for the walker, there could be problems with the legs not sitting securely. 

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1 Adjustable Height Baby Walkers

The Manual is Important

Consult the manual and manufacturer’s descriptions closely and measure, to make sure the purchase you make is appropriate for the very small child. Walkers can be used for both walking and sitting, for example, while feeding, and can be a real source of learning enjoyment for the child. The walker height needs to match what a child will need for secure balance, and comfort of use. With this Adjustable Height Baby Walker, making the choice is much easier.

Walkers Help Child Development

This Adjustable Height Baby Walker is good at helping your child develop their walking muscles; this is a good and safe way to allow great exercise every day that the child will be engaged by and will enjoy greatly.

A walker that can adjust quite closely to your child’s growth is recommended to ensure that the child feels safe while using it through the various growth phases a child goes through. 


  • The Adjustable Height Walker has eight wheels, making it very easy for the child to steer, change direction easily, and get around quickly. 
  • The walker folds up to a very small and convenient storage size when not in use.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Walkers encourage the child to exercise the exact muscles needed to strengthen for walking, climbing, etc. 
  • Walkers engage young children, giving them a sense of freedom and independence while still in a safe environment.
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  • Instructions are in Chinese.
  • Walkers may not work as well on a long shag carpet, compared to bare flooring. The carpet may create enough resistance that the child will not fare well with such a mobility challenge. Try to offer as smooth a riding surface as possible. 
  • As with all mobile riding toys, keep away from stairwells or water.
  • A child in a walker must be watched at all times. 

Joovy Spoon Walker

What are the two things babies do the most? They walk and they eat. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a product that combines them both? Well, now there is and it’s the Joovy Spoon Walker. 

The Joovy Spoon Walker is what happens when high chair meets walker. “Joovy” because it’s clearly made for juveniles, “Spoon” because it teaches them how to eat with one, and “Walker” because it teaches them to walk. 

It comes with a large size tray that’s removable and easy to clean and then replace. The seat pad is also large, washable and a cinch to put back in. It can be set for three different height positions to make it easy for your child to use. And the entire unit folds flat to make it easily portable. 

All Spoon walkers come out of the box almost ready to go — just pop in the seat pad and you’re ready to roll. The Spoon is certified to be without PVC, BPA, PVC, and Phthalate.

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1 Joovy-Spoon-Walker

Doubles As a High Chair

The Joovy Spoon Walker has three different heights perfect for children who are old enough to sit up unsupported. The table has a particularly wide area so the walker doubles as a high chair. Whereas other walkers focus mainly on mobility, the Joovy Spoon Walker is a multipurpose chair and table. It can be used for mealtimes, for playtime, and for letting your little one scurry around the house.

Many kids like to use the Joovy Spoon Walker for hours at a time, as it is a comfortable place to play with their toys. Parents are happy with this, as the area is easy to clean and the extra-large tray is removable and dishwasher safe. When mealtimes come around, the child is essentially already in their high chair.

The contemporary design ensures that this baby walker fits into any home. It’s completely white apart from a little splash of color. When you don’t need it, it’s very easy to fold it away thanks to its compact design.


  • Easy to clean.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • The tray can be effortlessly removed for cleaning, as can the seat.
  • Extra-wide base.
  • Three height positions.
2 Joovy-Spoon-Walker


  • Not as tall as some walkers, so is better for younger children.Doesn’t ship to Canada.
  • Only the front two wheels swivel, but the walker can still easily turn.

The Final Say

For the parent with a growing child, baby walkers are a necessity. There perfect for letting your little one get around their playspace and experience the world with some independence and a healthy helping of safety. Every parent needs time to get chores and other things done, and a baby walker is an excellent way to give your baby the tools and freedom needed to try new things and entertain themselves while you’re busy.

You also can’t underestimate the practical benefit that a baby walker represents for the development of your little one. All babies eventually learn to walk, but once they get to practice with a good baby walker will surely reach that stepping stone much more quickly. Baby walkers nowadays can even be purchased with height adjustments to accompany your baby through every step of their journey.

The Universal Adjustable Height Baby Walker is a great choice for this reason. It also supports eight wheels for easy directional change and foldable joints see you can take it with you to another house or to their daycare without having to wrestle with it in the trunk.

The Joovy Spoon Walker is another excellent choice since it combines walking training with eating education. That’s a lot of value combined into one walker! The big tray is removable and easy to clean and you can wash the seat pad whenever there’s an inevitable mess. Teaching your baby to walk and eat is more than possible thanks to the versatility of this walker.

Overall, either option will be a net benefit for your baby’s progression and your peace of mind. 

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