Should You Get A Nursing Pillow For Your Glider?

Should You Get A Nursing Pillow For Your Glider?

There’s no doubt that one of the biggest challenges a new mother faces is breastfeeding and this single act alone can make the first few months stressful and worrying. Many mothers invest in a nursing pillow that’s designed to help you get the correct position and make breastfeeding a lot easier, and it can be a real lifesaver.

Before your baby is born, there’s a lot that you can do to make sure the nursery and home are comfortable and ready for your new addition. A breastfeeding arm pillow is a great gift idea for expectant mothers or something you can get for yourself to make the potential challenges of nursing a lot easier.

Learning how to use a breastfeeding pillow isn’t that hard to do, and if you’re already thinking of adding a glider to your nursery setup you might be wondering how it would fit. We’re going to look at the best way to make the two work together with your nursery glider and the pros and cons that a nursing arm pillow can offer.

What Is A Nursing Pillow?

Baby Nursing Pillow On Glider

The art of nursing can be a tricky one to grasp, especially if you’re completely new to the concept. Nursing pillows are an accessory that nursing mothers can use to help position their baby and rest them comfortably on their lap so that they can reach the correct positions for breastfeeding.

Using a breastfeeding pillow is a simple matter of laying your baby on the pillow and snuggling it in close to your body. The pillow helps to prop them up and keep their mouth in the ideal position to latch on, and it also gives you somewhere to comfortably rest your baby so that you can free up one of your hands.

The latch is incredibly important for nursing and it ensures your baby gets access to milk and prevents any problems from occurring. These pillows have been widely beneficial for mothers of the years and they come in different styles and with varying features that make them especially attractive to new mothers.

While it is possible to use a regular pillow that you would sleep on, breastfeeding pillows are designed to specific shapes that contort around the body and they’re also firm to keep your baby held up. Some mothers find that after a few months or weeks with the pillow they feel more comfortable about nursing alone, so they can move onto feeding their baby without the assistance.

How Do They Fit With Your Glider?

Woman Using Nursing Pillow For Breastfeeding

One of the most important pieces of your nursery will be a glider, and the benefits it offers baby and mom are obvious. If you’re thinking of adding a nursing pillow to your setup, you might be wondering how they will fit together.

The good news is, most gliders are made with ample room, and their armrests make them ideal for nursing with one of these pillows. If you’re looking at getting one of these pillows, a quick check of its dimensions will show you whether or not it’s a good fit. Also look at how the pillow fits around the body and whether this will work with the style of chair.

Having both the glider and pillow working with you will ensure the nursing process is a lot more comfortable, not just for the baby but for the mother as well, so you can sit for hours without a care in the world. Knowing this one thing is taken care of will take a lot of stress off the mind of the mother, and make feeding time a lot more relaxing and enjoyable.

Pros And Cons Of Using A Breastfeeding Pillow

Learning how to use breastfeeding pillow is easy to do, and it’s something that you can easily practice with before your baby is born. The benefits and disadvantages of these pillows are something to be considered though, as they might not always be the best fit for every mother. Here are some pros and cons of using these pillows to see whether they’ll be right for you.

The Pros

  • Having support and comfort, especially in the early months, can be a great confidence booster
  • Gets your baby in the ideal position to latch correctly and reduces the potential of feeding problems
  • Nursing pillows add comfort for baby and you
  • They give you free hands as baby lays on the pillow so you can have a drink of water, a snack, or read a book

The Cons

  • You may get used to using the pillow to help positions and won’t be comfortable taking it wherever you go
  • The pillow can prevent you from learning various nursing positions that you would otherwise use without it
  • Some nursing pillows can be expensive if you’re shopping for a more premium brand

A Choice For All Mothers To Make

Anything we can do to make the new journey of motherhood easy for ourselves or someone we know should be carefully considered. Although there are some disadvantages to be mindful of, overall, these pillows can be a true help in the first few months while you’re still trying to get the hang of positions and comfort of nursing.

Being sure to choose a nursing pillow that’s going to fit with your glider is essential, as you’ll want something that is a comfortable addition to the setup. Always check the measurements to see that it will fit with your glider and when the two of them work together, you’ll have a truly wonderful nursing setup at home that makes the whole process a lot more enjoyable.



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