iLoveSIA Nursing Bra Review

iLoveSIA Nursing Bra Review
iLoveSIA Nursing Bra Review


If there’s any time in our lives when we require the absolute best in comfort, it has to be the first year of motherhood. One of the biggest challenges we face when we first greet our new babies is nursing, and it’s a process that can take a lot of getting used to as we figure out how to make it work for both of us.


Around $30 (pack of 3) - Available on


Choice of colors to choose from, sizes from small to extra extra large, removable molded foam cups, adjustable straps, seam-free, breast cover removed with snap clip, 4 column and 4 row hooks on the back, made with soft nylon and spandex mix


Sizing (choose the next size to ensure fitness)


iLoveSIA has proven that nursing and maternity wear doesn’t have to be expensive just to be good quality, and their 3-pack of nursing bras is a smart choice no matter your budget.

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A good nursing bra is a simple way to take a lot of the discomfort out of the breastfeeding journey and it’s something that every mother should be able to enjoy. With a quality bra giving you support and comfort, you can focus on the task at hand and make sure you’re feeling your absolute best, especially in those early months where it’s really needed.

With so many different options on the market for nursing mothers, it can be hard to find a nursing bra that’s affordable as well as being super soft and comfortable. Usually, you have to spend a fortune just to get a quality bra, and that’s not accounting for the fact that most mothers require a few of these garments in their collection.

iLoveSIA has created a nursing bra that aims to solve this issue and they sell it in a handy pack of three so you can get even better value for money. We’ve reviewed these affordable nursing bras to see if they can compete with the more expensive counterparts, giving you a chance to save a lot but still get the comfort you deserve.

iLoveSIA Nursing Bras

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iLoveSIA is a maternity and nursing brand made just for women, with garments that promise to be affordable as well as practical.  Their range includes everything from nighttime nursing bras to maternity tights, and everything in between that a new or expectant mother could ever need.

Their seamless nursing bra is one of their biggest sellers because of the simple comfort it offers without making mothers spend a fortune just to get it. These bras are underwire-free and have a cup that drops away from the breast when you need to feed, making them perfect for all times of the day.

Coming in a pack of three, these bras are perfect for a nursing mom and made with a breathable but stretchy material. In addition to their clever design, you’ll also find some other noteworthy features on the iLoveSIA Nursing Bra:

  • Choice of colors to choose from;
  • Sizes from small to extra extra large;
  • Removable molded foam cups;
  • Adjustable straps;
  • Seam-free;
  • Breast cover removed with snap clip;
  • 4 column and 4 row hooks on the back;
  • Made with soft nylon and spandex mix;

This nursing bra looks just like a regular bra but feels so much softer, and with easy access to allow your baby to feed. If you’ve been searching for a comfortable but economical solution to nursing bras and know that simple is often the best approach, the iLoveSIA 3 Pack of Nursing Bras will be a perfect choice.

The Good and the Bad

The design of this bra was made so that it could suit the changing shape that women go through at various stages of pregnancy and nursing. With a stretchy polyester and spandex material combination, you’ll find it’s comfortable no matter your size, and will be able to last you for the entire breastfeeding journey.

According to women who’ve purchased these bras, the sizing was a little off, and they recommended that you should aim for one size up. Some women found it was tight around the armpits which felt a little restrictive, so make sure you choose the next size to ensure this doesn’t happen to you.

 There are a few features that make this a standout for customers like the wide band, supportive hooks at the back, and the option to remove the padding. Most women found that the bras actually worked better without the padding and because the material was so thick and stretchy it provided enough cover to not need them anyway.

Where to Buy Your iLoveSIA Bras

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To get a three pack of the iLoveSIA Nursing Bras, you can shop on Amazon for the best price online. Currently priced at around $30 for the pack of three, it’s essentially $10 per bra which is an amazing value. Members of Amazon Prime will benefit from free shipping, but for regular customers, you’ll have to spend at least $35 to get this privilege.

There’s no guarantee on the quality offered by iLoveSIA but if the reviews are to be trusted, they’re well made and will definitely last for your nursing journey. Some people even purchase two of the 3-packs and found that was more than enough for them and there was never a need to invest in another nursing bra again.

The sizes run from extra small to extra-extra large but if customer’s reviews are anything to go by you’ll want to choose the next size up. When you shop on Amazon you’ll also be able to choose from a range of color options like a three pack of black or a mixture of nude, white, and purple.

The Verdict

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iLoveSIA has proven that nursing and maternity wear doesn’t have to be expensive just to be good quality, and their 3-pack of nursing bras is a smart choice no matter your budget. These bras are soft and comfortable but with adequate support in the cups and back so they tick all of the boxes for what a good bra should be.

By making the breastfeeding journey as comfortable as possible with soft bras like this, you’ll be taking some of the stress out of what can sometimes be a difficult time. To get your pack of iLoveSia Nursing Bras and see what comfort on a budget feels like, click here to check them out.

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