ItzyRitzy Milk Boss Nursing Pillow Review

ItzyRitzy Milk Boss Review
ItzyRitzy Milk Boss Review


If there’s one thing you can count on babies to do, it’s that they’ll always be hungry. Whether they enjoy regular breastfeeding sessions or get their sustenance from a bottle, you can guarantee that your baby will spend a whole lot of time enjoying their favorite pastime.

Usually, this means the mother or caregiver has to take a time out and give all of their attention to the baby to feed them. You might suffer from a sore arm, hard nursing positions, or just feel uncomfortable while you sit there feeding your baby, and these are all totally normal parts of parenthood that we just put up with.


Around $30 (pack of 3) - Available on


Rotating design works for both sides of feeding, arm fits snugly inside the pillow, adjustable pillow for all shapes and sizes, travel-friendly design, inner lining of stay cool fabric, lightweight at 12.2oz, machine washable with air drying


When travelling, it needs to be adjusted a bit to get it at the right height


Babies love nothing more than to eat around the clock, so if you’re a mother or caregiver who spends a lot of time helping them do this, the Itzy Ritzy Milk Boss will be a lifesaver.

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Thankfully, nursing pillows were invented as a way to solve these problems and ensure that the mother or caregiver could feed their baby comfortably and that their baby would be in absolute comfort as well. However, with so many on the market, the search for the perfect breastfeeding pillow might seem overwhelming.

ItzyRitzy has created a simple approach to these specialty pillows with their Milk Boss design. Made for both breastfeeding and bottle-fed babies it’s one of the most versatile pillows on the market, and we’re here to review what features it has to offer.

ItzyRitzy Milk Boss

ItzyRitzy Milk Boss Review 2


Itzy Ritzy is a brand that’s all about babies, and they promise to deliver products that are stylish, practical, and within the budget of every parent. They make everything from diaper bags to nursing pillows, with the Milk Boss being one of their leading designs, and they’ve earned themselves a reputation as a reliable brand for families.

The Itzy Ritzy Milk Boss is a feeding pillow that works for both baby and caregiver. Your baby will have somewhere comfortable and supported to lay, and mom or dad will be able to breastfeed or bottlefeed without the usual strain and discomfort that comes with the job. Whether you have a new baby straight from the hospital or one that’s a few months old and requires support, this pillow will be able to accommodate.

There are plenty of nursing pillows on the market but this one manages to remain a favorite. Thanks to these features, the Itzy Ritzy Milk Boss has everything a parent could ask for in feeding supporting, including:

  • Rotating design works for both sides of feeding;
  • Arm fits snugly inside the pillow;
  • Adjustable pillow for all shapes and sizes;
  • Travel-friendly design;
  • Inner lining of stay cool fabric;
  • Lightweight at 12.2oz;
  • Machine washable with air drying;

This pillow allows the user to sit their arm inside to rest it while the baby lays down and nurses, so it’s perfect for not just breastfeeding moms but any caregiver with a bottle as well. With a cute grey and white design and a travel-friendly size, it’s suits all types of families and can be utilized whenever you need it.

The Pros and Cons

One of the best things about this pillow is how easy it is to use and there’s no need for straps or buckles like other styles have. The armhole allows your arm to slide in easily so you can change sides as needed, but you’ll always get that comfortable fit.

According to reviews, you do need to adjust it a bit to get it at the right height because it sits on your arm so it’s not as straightforward as you might hope for. Some people purchased it for travel and found it was hard to fit on just one plane seat so this is definitely something to be mindful of if you’re looking for a nursing pillow for travel specifically.

On the upside though, it’s easy to care for, machine washable, and suitable for both breast and bottle feeding.The pillow provides support for not just your baby but you as well, and you’ll be able to sit for hours with your little one and not notice any strain or discomfort at all.

How to Get Your Milk Boss

ItzyRitzy Milk Boss Review


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The Final Say

ItzyRitzy Milk Boss Review


Babies love nothing more than to eat around the clock, so if you’re a mother or caregiver who spends a lot of time helping them do this, the Itzy Ritzy Milk Boss will be a lifesaver. With so many versatile options for how to use it, anyone in the family will reap the benefits, and especially your precious little baby.

Nursing pillows are game-changers for mothers and fathers alike, and one as affordable but feature rich as the Milk Boss is always great to find. To get your Itzy Ritzy Milk Boss and bring a lot more comfort back into feeding time, click here to grab one today.

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