Stork Craft Custom Hoop Glider And Ottoman Review

Stork Craft Custom Hoop Glider And Ottoman Review

Gone are the days when you had to rely on hard wooden rocking chairs to comfort your cranky baby. Today, new mothers have a plethora of great glider options, like the Stork Craft Custom Hoop Glider and Ottoman, for example.

In this review, we are going to talk a little more about the features of the Stork Craft Custom Hoop Glider and Ottoman, but we are also going to give you an overview of what people who have purchased the nursery glider combo had to say about their overall experience with it.

Stork Craft Custom Hoop Glider and Ottoman


Then, we’re going to give you our recommendation on whether or not this set is something you should consider purchasing for your new baby’s nursery!

About the Product

When it comes to stability and durability, you can’t go wrong with the solid wood construction that the Stork Craft Custom Hoop Glider and Ottoman features. The wood finish is available in several colors, and you can choose the cushion to match your baby’s nursery. The simplistic design makes the chair a beautiful addition to any room - not just the nursery.

This glider chair is often revered as one of the best brands of gliders you can purchase for your nursery. Stork Craft furniture is a well-known brand and has been supplying new parents with nursery furniture for over 70 years. They provide furniture that is built with a family in mind and offer their furniture at affordable, entry-level prices, making it attainable for any kind of budget.

womens choice award

Storkcraft also won the Women's Choice Award in 2018 and was named America's Most Recommended Baby Furniture.Edit your caption text here

Notable features of the Stork Craft Custom Hoop Glider and Ottoman include:

  • Glider and ottoman combination with padded arm cushions
  • Pockets for storage
  • Metal, enclosed ball bearing for a smooth gliding motion
  • Back and seat cushions are spot cleanable
  • Available in 5 Colors (black, white, brown, espresso, gray)
  • Cushions available in 5 colors (Citron Green Chevron, Gray Chevron, Navy Chevron, Pink Chevron, Turquoise Chevron)

The cushions that you can get with this glider set are designed for maximum comfort. The back cushion is made from thick, tufted padding that will provide you with support and back relief while you’re feeding your little one. Also, the cushions are available in five colors so you can choose the best option that is going to work well with the overall design of the nursery.

What really stands out about this glider is that you don’t have to apply very much effort in order to get the glider to move. The enclosed metal ball bearings are key for this smooth, silent, and effortless motion. The ottoman also uses the same ball bearings, so you will experience the same effortless gliding while relaxing with your feet up.

Should you have an accident on the glider, like spilled formula or spit up, you can easily wipe it off of the cushion fabric without worrying about any stains. The polyester cushions can be spot cleaned for those instances, and hand-washed, so they stay looking fresh and new for years to come.

This glider and ottoman set is the ideal set for those who have a generous amount of space. The recommended weight for this glider is 250 pounds. It is easily assembled and makes a great addition to any nursery. It can also be used in other rooms of the home as well and will still fit in nicely.

What People Had to Say

We wanted to know what people had to say about the Stork Craft Custom Hoop Glider and Ottoman, and an overwhelming majority of parents were pleased with their purchase. Of these positive reviews, customers commented the most on how comfortable the glider was.

A few mothers were impressed by the thickness of the cushion on the backrest. They stated that they were unable to feel the wooden spokes, unlike with other models with thinner cushions.

Other customers were impressed by the construction and assembly of the set. Customers felt the pieces were very easy to assemble, and they liked that the chair was made from real wood and not pressed wood or anything subpar.

Stork Craft Custom Hoop Glider and Ottoman, grey

When the unit was assembled, they shared that the glider and ottoman both glide very smoothly, and the side pockets were the perfect addition because you can store burp cloths, books, wet naps, and anything else you may need right within reach.

While there were many positive reviews of this set, there were a few customers who didn’t care for the product very much.

People felt that the cushions were not easy to clean, and they would get stained very easily. If they wanted (or needed) to clean the ottoman cushion, a few people had said they needed to take the whole unit outside and scrub it because the cushion does not come off.

Other customers mentioned that the springs of their chair popped off only after three months of using the chair, much to their disappointment. While they were able to put the springs back into their respective holes, the moment you sat back down on them, customers said the springs would pop out.

As a result, customers fear that if they continue to use the seat, they’ll “fall through” it, but also the unit is so noisy, making it completely useless for trying to rock a child to sleep.

Summary of the Review


  • Padded arm cushions
  • Convenient storage pocket
  • Enclosed metal ball bearings
  • Solid wood construction


  • Lots of choices for colors and cushions
  • Smooth rocking motion
  • Convenient storage
  • Includes the ottoman


  • Some reported that the cushions are difficult to wash
  • Some have also reported squeaking noises while gliding
  • Seat can be more comfortable and more padded than it is

Buying Advice

With so many different glider and ottoman options available, it can sometimes overwhelm new parents as they set up their new nursery. The following are just a few things to keep in mind when choosing this or another ottoman and glider set.


Having a comfortable seat is definitely important and is a chair that you will be using a lot for at least the first year of your baby's life. However, it can also feel like an expensive item that you don't want to splurge on. It is important to have a comfortable spot to cuddle and feed baby, and this offers you just that. Having a wider seat is also recommended for comfort.

Locking Mechanism

You want to make sure that this mechanism locks in place or it has a base that is constructed to hide the locking mechanism for safety. The Stork Craft Glider does not have a locking mechanism and cannot be locked in place. However, the ball bearings are enclosed and allow for smoother operation.

Our Recommendation

There are many glider and ottoman sets available on the market today. These pieces of furniture could be the difference between calming down a fussy baby and a sleepless night. For many parents, having one of these sets is a must-have.

Stork Craft Custom Hoop Glider and Ottoman


We particularly like this set by Stork Craft because it is an adorable set that would work beautifully in any nursery - especially when you can choose the wood finish and the cushion colors separately, allowing you to get the perfect combination for your nursery’s décor.

We also feel that the solid wood construction and the easy gliding enclosed ball bearings makes the glider an essential piece of furniture for tired mothers, fussy babies, and dutiful dads.

We are sure that with this glider and ottoman set, you’ll be able to comfortably (and silently) glide your baby into a peaceful sleep, you’ll be able to catch a few Zzzz’s yourself. For new parent’s, sometimes all you need is a good nap to help reenergize you and care for your bundle of joy.

Plus, the solid construction of the set ensures that you’ll be able to use the set long after your child is out of diapers!

Our Rating

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