The Best Diaper Caddy For Your Nursery


It is quite challenging to tend to all of the needs of your baby. Your little one needs a lot of gear to keep them looking great and to provide them the needed care for optimal health. It is very hard to keep all of these baby accessories such as bum creams, baby powder, lotions, wipes, toys, clothing, bibs, diapers and what else organized in your nursery. 

In a single nappy change, you could be using various products and it can be quite tiring to put everything back into their place after every nappy change.

A baby diaper caddy can help you keep all of the diaper changing tools and accessories you need within arm’s reach without your nursery looking all messy. 

These caddies are specially designed with lots of compartments where you can stack and stash all of your needed baby consumables and nappy changing essentials. If you don’t have a baby caddy in your nursery just het then it is time to transform the way you go about nappy changes by investing in the best diaper caddy.  

The Hiccapop Diaper Caddy


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This caddy is surprisingly affordable for the functionality it offers. The Hiccapop diaper caddy is a very popular product with over 700 reviews on Amazon alone. This specific diaper caddy is helping over 1 million moms across the globe ease diaper changing. 

The diaper caddy is gray and offers 6 shelves for stacking products, 2 pockets for goods that won’t stand up on their own and the caddy can hold 72 diapers. 

With this nappy caddy, you can stock all of your frequently used items including various sets of clothing. This diaper caddy won’t just enhance flexibility in the nursing room, it can also keep your little one safe because you never need to turn your back to collect all the things you need for a simple nappy change.

The diaper caddy is easy to attach to tables, cribs, walls and other items. It is made of a highly durable fabric and is stain resistant with washable fabric for easy cleaning.


  • Weight - 1.7 lbs
  • Application - hangs via buckle straps on your wall or nursery furniture
  • Shelving - 6 Heavy-duty base prevents sagging
  • Pockets - 2
  • Diaper compartment - 1 extra-large
  • Size - 20.5 x 19 inch
  • Colors - white and gray


  • Easy to use
  • Perfect for storing lots of goods including diapers and clothing
  • Heavy-duty shelves are perfect for stacking objects
  • Easy to clean thanks to a washable fabric
  • Eases nappy changing tremendously


  • Can rip if too much weight is applied on the caddy
  • Not machine washable

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If you are looking for a diaper caddy that can be moved around the room with ease then the Parker diaper caddy might just be the perfect pick for your nursery. This diaper caddy is affordable and available in two size options. 

The large caddy is 16 x 10 x 7 inches in size and is made of a soft grey felt fabric with sturdy outer pockets to keep the caddy standing upright. It has a removable organizer insert with three large interior pockets and six side-fitted exterior pockets.

You can move this caddy around easily thanks to two firm handle that enables you to easily grab the entire caddy and go.

The caddy is perfect for storing a huge variety of baby products such as toys, clothes, wipes, bibs, a changing pad and more. 


  • Weight - 15 ounces
  • Application - free standing
  • Pockets - 6 exterior
  • Diaper compartment - 3 extra large
  • Size - 16 x 10 x 7 inches
  • Colors - gray


  • Easy to move around
  • Great for storing a number of items
  • Sturdy wall construction stays upright when in use
  • Collapses flat for easy storage
  • Versatile and can be used for different applications
  • Lightweight
  • Unisex color is perfect for any nursery


  • Fleece fabric isn’t the strongest nor easiest to keep clean
  • No hanging hooks to attach the caddy to a wall or crib

The Selbor Hanging diaper caddy


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This is another beautiful caddy to consider if you need a dedicated hanging nursery diaper caddy. The caddy is quite beautiful in design thanks to the cute elephant print polyester fabric. The caddy is perfect for keeping your nursery organized. It is fitted with 5 side pouches, 1 large pouch for diapers and one upper shelve for stacking items. 

The caddy is easy to keep clean since it is washable and is reinforced with shelves to enhance the strength of the caddy. It is fitted to the crib, door or wall via buckle straps that can be removed with great ease.

This is a great caddy to contain everything you need for changing and grooming your little one. It can handle quite a lot of nappies for easy storage and the upper shelf with its two mesh pockets are perfect for containing all of your standing items such as bottles. Ample side fitted pockets also make it very easy to keep all of those tiny baby products such as tubes, lotions, and toothbrushes safe and sound.


  • Weight - 1.35 lbs
  • Application - hangs via buckle straps on your wall or nursery furniture or car
  • Shelving - 4 layer shelf reinforcing keeps the caddy straight
  • Pockets - upper compartment, 2 upper side pouches, 1 large pouch that can hold up to 30 diapers and 5 side mesh pouches for lots of small items.
  • Diaper compartment - 1 large that holds up to 30 diapers
  • Size - 11.8 x 10 x 2.6 inches when folded
  • Colors - Grey with elephant print

Final verdict

All of these diaper caddies will make a huge difference in the way you do things in the nursery or on the go. These caddies are perfect for keeping all of your baby gear contained and right where you need them and the caddies can be used in a number of different places and spots.

If you have a tough time at choosing the best diaper caddy for your nursery then perhaps this quick buyers guide can help you decide;

The overall best - The Hiccapop Diaper Caddy is our overall best pick because it can contain lots of nappies, it can be hung on your crib or wall with ease and it has ample space for lots of other baby essentials. The caddy is also available at a good price.

The best for on the go - If you are someone that needs a diaper caddy for your car or for on the go then the Parker Diaper Caddy might be the best pick. You can simply grab this caddy and hop in your car and you will have everything you need for those diaper changes. The caddy is easy to carry in and out of any vehicle or home.

The best for frequent travelers - Moms that journey a lot with their little ones can certainly look into buying the Selbor Hanging diaper caddy. This caddy has room for plenty of baby stuff and can be hanged inside your car against the front seat. 

The budget-friendly - All of these diaper caddies are very affordable. At around $2 difference between them, you just don’t have to bother with choosing a budget option.

Need more great advice on the best baby products? We welcome you to have a look at some of our other product reviews available on our site so you can invest in all of the best gear to ease raising tiny human beings.  

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